As the lyrics from the Manfred Mann 1970 song say:
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GCHB CH Jazzman Tonight's the Night HOF X CH Jazzman Midnight at the Oasis
Bred by Zoe Bolin - Jazzman Black and Tans

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Whirlwynd Manchesters is happy to have this pretty girl join my manchester family where she joins Felix (Ch. Mosaic's Flhoston's Paradise) and Jaz (Burmack's Reap the Wild WhirlWynd). Due to her bringing a wonderful pedigree to WhirlWynd, I had planned to finish her championship and eventually breed her, however, I have to do what I believe is in her and my best interest. Even though she came home with a total of 4 single points as Winners Bitch from her first back to back show weekends with competition (with her first point awarded by James G. Reynolds), I have finally realized the conformation ring is 'not her thing' at this time and may let her mature more for a while. I don't want to show her when her heart isn't in it 100%. I may begin working with her in obedience and a few other event areas to help her become more confident in herself. I would have loved to have attained her championship, but sometimes we all need to step back and realize/admit that finishing our dogs is not the most important thing in our lives. Loving our dogs and doing what is best for them, is.

AKC Champion title or not, she'll always be a champion to me!
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As We Regroup, I Hope We'll See You at Shows We Attend!
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During Her Brief Show Career, She Grabbed Her First 4 Points!
** Two Back to Back Show Weekends in May 2022 **
Quinn Came Home With 4 Single Points!
Her 1st Point Under Judge James G. Reynolds!
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Quinn's Progression Toward AKC Champion
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* Quinn's Progression Toward Certification *
April 20, 2021 - von Willebrands Disease - Clear
February 16, 2022 - Dentition - Full
Aug. 10, 2022 - Basic Cardiac - Practioner - Normal
December 5, 2022 -
Thyroid - Normal

Our Girl's Exquisite Pedigree

WhirlWhynd Manchesters are fed Fromm Family Classics. Their great health and shiny coats speak volumes as to the quality of this food. Fromm offers several variety options for you to select the right one for your dog's stage of life.

* Fromm has granted permission for my endorsement of their product.
WhirlWynd Does Not Receive Any Form of Compensation for Doing So. *

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