Burmack's Reap the Wild WhirlWynd
Burmack's Reap the Wild WhirlWynd
~ Jaz ~

Jaz came to us in October of 2017. I had been contacted by a gal living near Lincoln, NE that needed to 'place' her toy manchester. With Lincoln only being a four hour drive for me, I offered to come pick him up from her and 'foster' him until the right home could be found. Well, that 'right home' was right here with me! As soon as I took him in my arms (as you can see from the photo above) he grabbed my heart and I knew after the long ride home with him sitting ever so calmly in the seat beside me, he wasn't going anywhere, plus he'd been bounced around enough (I was his THIRD home) in his 3 1/2 years.

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After reviewing all the records I was provided by the gal in Nebraska, I found out Jaz was bred by Jim Burrows, Jr. and Patrick Mackesey. I contacted Jim and provided him with some of the information I was given and told him Jaz was now in his 'forever home'. Having bred manchesters in the past, I know we all feel the need to know what becomes of the puppies we place over the years. He was thrilled Jaz was now with me. I let Jim know what a sweet and loving cuddle bug Jaz was and what an excellent temperament the little guy had and thanked him for having bred such a sweet little dog.

Now that Capri is gone and Felix has come to WhirlWynd, Jaz has a new 'partner in crime' and let me tell you, what one doesn't think of, the other one does! They are quite comical together and I couldn't be happier to have them both in my life!

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