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"Felix" - Our Newest Addition!
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38 Years in the Breed

"Going the Distance" to Ensure QUALITY not Quantity!

Now Gone from this Earth, but Forever in My Heart & Memories

Ch. Shal Mar's Lucas McCain (left) Ch. Shal Mar's Amicable Asian Jet (right) WhirlWynd's Catch Me If You Can (insets)
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Ch. Shal-Mar's Lucas McCain & Ch. Shal-Mar's Amicable Asian Jet
Bred By: Gerrie Hart of Shal-Mar Manchesters
Insets:WhirlWynd's Catch Me If You Can ~ Capri ~
Bred by:Kathy Nissen

Our Belief...
Find Your Manchester Through an Ethical, Reputable and Responsible Breeder!

They are the ones dedicated to preserving the breed they love and are devoted to very selective breeding of those dogs that best conform to the breed's Standard of Perfection. They breed for preservation of correct type and size, correct temperament, soundness , beauty and the ability for the dog to perform the function for which it was originally bred to do. They strive to ensure the breed remains the healthy, sleek, elegant, functional beautiful dog it was meant to be. OFA - Breed Specific Recommended Tests are always done by these dedicated breeders to ensure the health and well-being of the dogs they produce. They are the "true" protectors of this wonderful breed so please, take your time and DO YOUR RESEARCH when looking for a breeder.

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Lengthy - but information we feel is of utmost importance as you search for your Standard/Toy Manchester Terrier so please take the time it will take to thoroughly read the information on this page in its entirety - you will be very glad you did....
Some of what is said here may seem harsh but it's up front and truly how a majority of ethical Manchester breeders feel....
After all, don't you want a happy, well adjusted, healthy, quality Manchester Terrier? That is why we are here.

IMPORTANT - AKC Registration Papers...

ALWAYS...ALWAYS make SURE you obtain/receive the AKC Registration form for your puppy/dog no matter where or from whom you get your dog! Never let a breeder withhold AKC paperwork! They may require proof of spaying/neutering your puppy, however, they should still provide you with a 'limited registration' form which can later be changed to "full" upon your providing proof of spaying/neutering. You are getting a purebred dog and those papers go with the dog regardless of whether the breeder claims the dog is pet or show quality! In other words..if you don't get the papers, don't take the dog! An ethical and reputable breeder will always provide you with your new companion's AKC registration form, immunization record, a 3 (or more) generation pedigree, a health guarantee, health testing documentation of the sire and dam, breed information and nutrition requirements just to name a few things.

About Us...

While I am currently not breeding Manchesters, WhirlWynd Manchesters is a firm believer in the AKC breed standard of perfection, and our goal is to maintain the selective breeding of 'Quality' Manchester Terriers - thus - producing correct type, size, sound, quality Standard Manchester Terriers that fall well within the breed's AKC Standard of Perfection ~ Quality comes first. I only bred one, perhaps two, litters a year in our home. This ensures that we are able to devote ourselves to providing the many hours needed for proper care and socialization of our puppies so that we, in turn, are able to provide you with a happy, healthy, well socialized, family oriented, quality puppy that will easily make the transition from our home to yours. Our puppies and adults are ALWAYS in our home to accustom them to the sounds of every day noises, commotion and people. They are also a very huge part of our family and loved as such. We have only the best interest of this beautiful breed at heart. Manchesters thrive on love and attention from their 'people' and our dogs receive that and more here at WhirlWynd. They should never be raised in or spend a majority of their life living in a kennel run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - they are not a breed that should be kept outside all the time whether in a climate controlled kennel building or not. Manchester Terriers are loving family oriented dogs and should live in the house so they can constantly shower you with lots of cuddling and affection and companionship.

I could not have said this better myself:

As quoted by Dr. Ian Dunbar, noted canine behaviorist/trainer and author of Before & After Getting Your Puppy: "Avoid puppies who have been raised in an outdoor run or kennel. Remember, you want a puppy to share your home, so look for a puppy who has been raised in a home. Basement and kennel raised puppies are certainly not pet-quality dogs. They are "livestock" on par with veal calves and factory hens. They are generally neither house-trained nor socialized, and they do not make good companions. Look for litters that have been born and raised in a kitchen or living room."

MOST OF ALL: ASK QUESTIONS - A page of excellent questions for you to ask any breeder has been set up on this website (see link below) to assist you as you search for a reputable/ethical breeder and quality puppy. If a breeder won't be up front with you regarding one or more of these questions..our advice is that you look elsewhere. Feel free to print it for your use.

When Looking For A Reputable Breeder...
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A MUST Read If You're Looking for a Manchester Terrier....

* Disclaimer: WhirlWynd Manchester Terriers has provided you with the information contained on this webpage solely as a tool to assist you in finding an ethical and reputable breeder. We are in no way making reference to any particular breeder of Manchester Terrier but there are those you should be leery of. We are only trying to provide you with important educational information as you search for your future beloved companion and feel that by providing you with this information, you will have better knowledge of what to look for in a true ethical breeder. *

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