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Whirlwynd Manchesters is Extremely Pleased to Announce:
Our NEW Addition!!

Showing on a Limited Basis ~ Felix is Back Out on the "Show Scene"!

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Available for Stud to Approved vWD Clear Bitches

June 27, 2019
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Bred by: Rachel Taylor Jonas - Mosaic Manchester Terriers ~ Tennessee

Grand Championship Point Progression
Number of Points 2 - Cornhusker KC Lincoln, NE 10/05/2019
Number Major Wins X
Number Major Judges X
Total Number Judges X

"Felix" came in to my life at a time I was devastated over the sudden loss of my beloved "Capri" (Whirlwynd's Catch Me If You Can) in late February of this year. She would have been 13 in April. Capri was my "heart dog" and I really had no intention of getting or wanting to start looking for another Standard Manchester Terrier because there was just no 'replacing' her. I didn't feel I was ready just yet but knew at some point I would begin searching. Little did I know it would be sooner than I had planned!

Coming home to no Capri enthusiastically greeting me at the door was getting more difficult to handle and little Jaz missed his 'partner in crime" and one thing lead to another. In May, as fate would have it, I stumbled on to a post of Rachel's stating she had a 3 year old male she was thinking of placing - and me being me, curiosity got the better of me so I contacted her. Well, long story short, after visiting with her, viewing photos of him and seeing his exquisite pedigree...we arranged to meet at a show on May 25th in Bloomington, Illinois so I could meet Felix. An added bonus to that trip was getting to spend the day with some of my long time Manchester friends I hadn't seen in years plus being fortunate to have met new ones.

So, needless to say, Felix is now here in Iowa with me, Jaz (Burmack's Reap the Wild WhirlWynd) and Cooper (Whirlwynd's Return to Paradise). While Felix could never 'replace' my beloved Capri, he has filled a huge empty place in my heart and I am completely in love with this handsome fellow. He is an absolute sweetheart with a fantastic temperament and made himself at home as soon as he walked in the door. He's great with my grandchildren and a total cuddle bug.

I am now back in the show ring with Felix, although I am limited, at this time, as to how many shows I am able to enter due to my taking care of my beautiful grandchildren, I hope to attain Felix's Grand Championship. I'd also like to get in to a few other areas such as obedience, rally, agility, etc. and I may give Lure Coursing and Barn Hunt a go. I knew I missed being involved in showing but I had no idea how much I actually missed it and all the wonderful Manchester folks until I went to Bloomington!

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