February 10, 1982 - December 6, 1997


The crispness of the early morning air.
My dog at my side without a care.
He may not talk but we certainly share....
An unconditional love that will always be there!
by K Nissen


This Page is Dedicated to the Memory of.....
"CH. KaJack's Dynamic Whirlwind, CD"
My Heart and Soul - Forever Loved - Never Forgotten


Billy was my first show dog.
He had nice correct naturally erect ears.
Rare for a Standard Manchester Terrier.
What began as a hobby and to have
a 'well' trained dog, ended up being
the most WONDERFUL time of my life.
To this day, I still continue loving,
being dedicated to and showing this
wonderful and intelligent breed .

Several Judges have told me that I didn't need to be on the
other end of his show lead as THAT dog could show himself!

Billy indeed LOVED going to dogs shows...just the
MENTION of the words got him excited beyond belief!!!!

We began with the 'typical' obedience classes...then entered obedience trials. Those watching him show in the obedience ring thought he should be shown in the breed ring because of his enthusiasm and outright showmanship...So, I figured "Sure, Why Not!" I was really 'getting into' this show thing!! Once in the ring, it was clear that "Billy" was one heck of a "Showman" and he would 'strut his stuff' beautifully!! He could be full of himself outside the ring but once inside, he seemed to be saying "Hey Judge!! Look at ME" and those Judges must have done just that as "Billy" went on to become the TRUE Champion that he was in just eight shows with 3 majors!!!

Championship Stats
Number of Points - 16
Number Major Wins - 3
Number Major Judges - 3
Total Number Judges - 8

I entered Billy in obedience trials and he did quite well even with his unexpected antics, which then came to be known among several area show exhibitors as "Pulling a Billy"! Perhaps an explanation is in order here. Imagine doing the 'Out of Sight Sits and Downs' in Open obedience and coming back to find your dog has decided the ring stewards' LAPS are much warmer and cozier than that darn old hard rubber mat on the floor!! YES, Billy decided a couple of times he didn't want to lie down on the floor and when I'd return, there he'd be on the lap of one of the stewards with a MOST contented look on his face as if to say, "Hey, I'm down aren't I?" Billy did, however, earn his 3 legs for his CD title in FIVE trials and earned 2 legs toward his CDX before I decided to concentrate on showing him strictly in the Conformation ring. Those doing obedience trials with a Manchester Terrier know their highly trained dog may suddenly decide to come up with some of the MOST UNIQUE & UNBELIEVABLE antics for absolutely no reason whatsoever!


"Billy" was more than a dog. He was my SPECIAL friend.
He was a TRUE champion, on HIM I could depend.
But, my broken Heart will never mend...


Billy at just shy of 15 years of age.
(pic taken Nov. 1997)

After a lengthy fight with cancer, I asked God to take Billy across "RainBow Bridge" where he could be young again and free from pain so he could once again enjoy being in the show rings where he so loved and enjoyed 'strutting his stuff'... Billy crossed that beautiful bridge
December 6th, 1997

In Loving Memory :
Ch. KaJack's Dynamic Whirlwind, C.D.
February 10, 1982 - December 6, 1997

You may be gone from this earth...
but you will never leave my heart.


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