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Litter News/Breeder Listings/Dogs Available
This page is always updated with the most recent information regarding puppy/older dog availability.

Please be sure to check this page on a regular basis for up to date
announcements and availability of upcoming/current litters/dogs.

This webpage has been set up solely as a convenience to assist you in locating breeders around the country.
However, it is completely up to YOU to fully research and question those breeder(s) you choose to contact.

I will place current information from other breeders or rescue
organizations who may have puppies/dogs available on this page.
To contact any of these breeders by email, click their link.

Inquiries will be forwarded to other Manchester breeders
who may be able to assist you in finding your puppy/dog.
See list of breeders below for available puppies/dogs and
info regarding the Manchester Terrier and upcoming litters.

Puppy Application Form
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Manchester Terrier Breeder Contacts

WhirlWynd Manchester Terriers - Kathy Bradley ~ Gilman, Iowa
* Litter Possibly Late Summer 2010

Sondra Davis, Thomasboro, Illinois
* Contact Us for Up to Date Information *

Inverness Standard Manchesters - Cathleen Vanatta ~ Tabor, Iowa
* Puppies Available *

Bit 'O Luck Manchesters - Ken/Cj Stickney, Lincoln ~ Nebraska
*Inquiries Welcome *

Ambrick Manchesters - Marla (Brick) Zoz, Lincoln ~ Nebraska
* Inquiries Welcome *

Canty Kennels - Stds./Toy - Dwight/Janet Varner ~ Morrison, Illinois
* Contact Us for Current Litter Information *

Fantasy Manchester Terriers - Bev Leidner, Greenville ~ Illinois
* Puppies Available *

Deer Park Toy Manchesters - Ruthye Silver - Jacksonville, Florida
* Contact Us for Up to Date Litter Information *
Contact Us for Up to Date Information

Wilane Manchester Terriers - JoAnn Emrick ~ Pasadena, Texas
* Email Me for Information *

LadyBug Manchesters - Gerry Shastid - Amarillo, Texas
* Email Me for Current Litter Information *
9 Yr. Old Rescue Toy Manchester To Approved Home ~ Must fill out ATMC Rescue Application

Shal - Mar Std. Manchesters - Gerrie Hart ~ Stockton, California
* Contact Me for Up to Date Information *

Oasis Std. Manchesters - Gary/Judy Anderson ~ La Quinta, California
* Contact Us for Up to Date Litter Information *

Ellis Ilse Standard Manchesters - Sara Ellis ~ Paradise, California
* Inquiries Welcome *

Annie Deardon - Salt Lake City, Utah
* Contact Me for Up to Date Litter Information *

Trinity Toy Manchesters - Irene Hetrick ~ Bridgeville, California
* Email Me for Up to Date Puppy Availability *

Rosewood Toy Manchesters - Darrell/Betty Hodges ~ Homeland, California
* Email Us for Up to Date Litter Information *

Rustic-Lane Toy & Std. Manchesters - David/Carolyn Horowitz ~ Lakeland, Florida
* Email Us for Up to Date Litter Information *

Bleu Springs Manchesters - Kristina Barlak ~ Dansville, New York
* Email Me for Current Availability Information *

MickaLady's Standard Manchesters - Brenda Gala ~ McKeesport, Penn.
* Contact Me for Current Information *

Velvet Firefly Toy Manchesters - Pauline Binek ~ Clinton, Penn.
* Contact Me for Up to Date Information *
Also Retired Champions/Older Dogs Available to the Right Home.

Sertnly Toy Manchesters - Miriam Tyler ~ Slatington, Penn.
* Contact Me for Up to Date Litter Information *

Charlin Std. Manchesters - Linda Lewin _ - Falls Church, Virginia
* Email Me for Current Litter Information

Burmack Toy Manchesters - Jim Burrows ~ Endicott City, MD
* Puppies/Young Adults Available *

Y-Not Std. Manchesters - Randy/Regina Osborne ~ Seatac, Washington
* Email Us To Be Put On Our Puppy Waiting List *

Heaven Hi Toy Manchesters ~ Jerri Hobbs ~ Colorado
*Contact Me for Updated Litter Information *

~ Breeders in Canada ~
Kreuzritter Manchesters - Tina Sanford - Fredericton Jct, NB, Canada
* Contact Us for Current Litter Information *

Fwaggle Toy Manchesters - Wendy/Amanda Kelly - Lr. Sackville, NS, Canada
* Contact Me for Up to Date Information *

Mersey Standard Manchester Terriers - Jennifer/Dean Tomes - Sackville, NB, Canada
* Email Us for Up to Date Litter Information *

Calder Manchester Terriers - Pat Calder - Winnipeg area, MB, Canada
* Contact Us for Up to Date Litter/Puppy Information *

Manchester Terrier Rescue Organizations

American Manchester Terrier Club Rescue
(Manchesters Available thru AMTC Rescue)

Delaware Valley Manchester Terrier Club Rescue
(E Mail Contact)

Manchesters Forever

Petfinder.com is another source for locating manchester terriers that have been placed in shelters or
in rescue. These sweeties are brought up to date on shots and are spayed/neutered before placement.
These dogs have so much love to give ~ won't you open your hearts and homes to them?
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Breed Specific "Goodies"
DogDaze Designs

Need Information?
For more information regarding upcoming litters or inquiries
regarding stud information, breeder information, rescue
information, or if you would like to be listed on this page, e-mail:
WhirlWynd Manchester Terriers

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