* Page Updated 7/18/2021 *
Litter News/Breeder Listings/Dogs Available
This page is always updated with the most recent information regarding puppy/older dog availability.

Please be sure to check this page on a regular basis for up to date
announcements and availability of upcoming/current litters/dogs.

This webpage has been set up solely as a convenience to assist you in locating a few breeders around the country.
However, it is completely up to YOU to fully research and question those breeder(s) you choose to contact.

* * When Contacting Any Breeders of the Manchester Terrier, ALWAYS Ask if They
Test and Provide Documentation for Those Potential Health Issues Listed Here: * *

OFA Recommended Tests for the Standard Manchester Terrier
OFA Recommended Tests for the Toy Manchester Terrier

I will place current information from other breeders or rescue
organizations who may have puppies/dogs available on this page.
To contact any of these breeders by email, click their link.

Inquiries will be forwarded to other Manchester breeders
who may be able to assist you in finding your puppy/dog.
See list of breeders below for available puppies/dogs and
info regarding the Manchester Terrier and upcoming litters.

Puppy Application Form
If you are interested in a future puppy from WhirlWynd
please take a moment to fill out our Puppy Application Form

Manchester Terrier Breeder Contacts

WhirlWynd Manchester Terriers - Kathy Nissen ~ Gilman, Iowa

Ambrick Manchesters - Marla (Brick) Zoz, Lincoln ~ Nebraska
* Inquiries Welcome *

Fantasy Manchester Terriers - Bev Leidner, Greenville ~ Illinois
* May Have Puppies Available *

Wilane Manchester Terriers - JoAnn Emrick ~ Pasadena, Texas
* Email Me for Information *

Mosaic Manchesters - Rachel Jonas ~ Harrison, Tennessee
* Email Us for Current Litter Information *

Earendil Toy & Standard Manchesters - Jeremy/Rachel McClister ~ Campbellsville, KY.
* July 2021 - Toy Puppies Currently Available*

Cashlane Manchester Terriers - Shelley Cafferty - Southern, CA
* Email Us for Current Information *

Jazzman Black & Tans Zoe Bolin - Southern CA
* Email Us for Current Information *

Rustic-Lane Toy & Std. Manchesters - David/Carolyn Horowitz ~ Lenoir City, Tennessee
* Email Us for Up to Date Litter Information *

Burmack Toy Manchesters - Jim Burrows ~ Endicott City, MD
* July 2021 - Puppies Available *

Sunkissed Toy Manchesters - Renae & Taylor Blankenship - Sylacauga, AL
* Email Us for Current Information *

Kiro Toy Manchesters - Marla Gangler - Hernando, FL
* July 2021 - 1 Young Adult Female and 2 Puppies Currently Available *

Standard Variety - Scott Becker - Citrus Heights, CA
* Litter Due August 2021 *

Manchester Terrier Rescue Organizations

American Manchester Terrier Club Rescue
(Manchesters Available thru AMTC Rescue)

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